Vultr Review  of 2023 | Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress

Overview of  Vultr

   Vultr is a cloud-based web hosting provider, which has more than 8+ years of experience in cloud infrastructure. They have provided services worldwide. Many top companies are using vultr because the price is affordable and provides high-level cloud infrastructure.

Vultr Hosting Types

   Vultr has provided different types of hosting, which you can choose based on your business purposes. The types of hosting are,

  1. Optimized Cloud Compute
  2. Cloud Compute
  3. Bare Metal
  4. Kubernetes

Vultr Plans and Services

    The Plans and services of cloud compute and optimized cloud compute are varies. In cloud computing, the price of storage is changed accordingly price-wise. Moreover, have been providing affordable prices to all the plans.




Features of vultr Hosting Plans

   The hosting plans are affordable to you and offer excellent features. 

  1. High Performance of AMD.
  2. High Frequency.
  3. Fully Dedicated vCPUs.
  4. CPU Optimized.
  5. MySQL in-memory database.
  6. Real-time analytics.
  7. Storage optimized.
  8. Cloud GPU is used.
  9. Bare metal servers are available.
  10.  Kubernetes engine provides the control plane.

Suitable for Developers and Beginners

   Vultr is more useful for the developers to create their specific features on their own. It is easy to accessible and high-level security standards are included. Vultr has been using a powerful API, which makes, that if you do any action in vultr it is automatically reflected in your systems.

 Most beginners are using vultr for their websites because it provides an automatic process that reduces time and cost. The easy management performs simple tasks like ordering servers and managing backups with one click.

Bonus Tip:

Vultr trial –> click here.

Vultr Managed Database

  MYSQL database is used in the vultr, it is useful to store and retrieves all the size data for your business. They have been providing optimized cloud compute and cloud compute for the databases.

  In optimized cloud compute for general purposes it starts from $90/month and for the storage optimized it starts from $225/month.

 In cloud compute high-performance AMD or Intel it starts from $18/month and for the regular performance, it starts from $15/month.

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Uptime Of vultr:

In the last 24 hours, I didn’t find any downtime and their response time is impressive. The average response time is 125.00 milliseconds, which means the server is fast and provides good traffic for your site.

Performance of Vultr:

The performance of vultr is excellent and the percentage of performance is amazing. It is best option to choose for your site.

  • Excellent Performance
  • High level storage.
  • Easy management
  • Afforadable price
  • Datacentres are worldwide.
  • No live chat option.

Server Status:

  The server status varies in every country and moreover, the servers will always be up sometimes may it go down.

Bare Metal:

Bare metal provides you full control of your environment with high performance through dedicated servers. The prices of bare metal are below,

One Click APPs:

Vultr Kubernetes Engine:

 This engine manages all your work automatically with a minimum of time and you need not spend more time. The features are container orchestration, free control plane, scalability, resilience, resource efficiency and immutable infrastructure.

Block Storage:

 In vultr offers additional storage with a minimum amount. You can extend your space to your own. In storage, their will highly available design and durability is 99.9%.

Real-time Analytics:

  In vultr there is real-time analytics to secure your website. It provides all the data of your sites like monitors network traffic, routes malicious activity, and DDoS event is detected within 60 seconds. The powerful migration is also included in the plan.


  Vultr has included all high-level technology for the site at an affordable price and their performance is amazing. Now you can easily choose which plan is suitable for your budget and for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which is the best cloud web service?

Vultr is the best option because they have the best price, Kubernetes engine for automation process and it is user friendly.

  1. How to get a domain name for my business?

 First, you go to the vultr hosting official page and choose the website hosting then choose your plan and buy the domain.

  1. What is a cloud-based backup service?

In the cloud, you can store a lot of information by choosing the minimum price. Vultr they have to provide additional storage you can choose which plan is more effective for you.

  1. What are the best cloud web services?

I would recommend you some web hosting like Vultr, Cloudways, Interserver, and Scalahosting.

  1. How to get a domain name for a website?

First, you go to the vultr hosting official page and choose the website hosting then choose your plan and buy the domain. The starting price is $20 per month it is a fully cloud-based infrastructure.

6. How much does Vultr cost?

For the cloud compute the starting price is $2.50/month with a shared AMD and intel. Firewall, Flexible networking, DDoS protection and backups.

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