Godaddy vs Hostinger

Godaddy vs Hostinger Review For 2023 – Truth Revealed

Are you interested in the contrast of Godaddy vs Hostinger?

The solution is available to you.

Through my study, I discovered that both web hosting services are great but when it comes to uptime performance, support, and cost, it differs.

On one web hosting platform, one will have great customer service, while another will have better customer support. Today, we will look at the differences between GoDaddy and Hostinger. In the end, pick the right hosting option for you.

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1. Performance of GoDaddy vs Hostinger:


We’ll start with Godaddy It’s the most popular web hosting service in recent times.

With GoDaddy, there are over 20million users who hosted their websites with a reliable. 

The performance of the site is great The amount of traffic is quite impressive.

The performance score is 86 percent. It’s an impressive result for hosting.

I would suggest that if you prefer medium traffic, cheap shared hosting, Goddady is the better choice. Below, you will be able to see how Goddady performs.



Hostinger is among the top 10 web hosting providers with outstanding performance. More than 29 million customers are hosting their websites on Hostinger.

In terms of performance, the hosting provider is superior to GoDaddy, with a 524ms for LCP. The score on performance is 100%. It can have a huge impact on the hosting company.

I’d suggest to you that if you’re in search of high-performance, high-level traffic on shared hosting, Hostinger is the better option. Below, you can view the performance of Hostinger.

2. Price of GoDaddy vs Hostinger:


 The starting price is Rs.99/month with 512 MB RAM, 1 website, and 10GB storage. 

For VPS hosting the price is higher than Hostinger but compared with features GoDaddy provides better than Hostinger and for WordPress hosting the price is higher but the features are so good. 

Moreover, business people, bloggers, and Individuals are using GoDaddy because it is the best price with many advantages. In addition, the renewal price is much higher than Hostinger’s.


The minimum price is $1.99/month with 1 website, 30GB SSD Storage, 10,000 visits per month, and 1 email account.

WordPress hosting costs are affordable in comparison to GoDaddy’s features. as well, but GoDaddy offers 25K monthly unique visitors.

Both hosting companies make it simple for you to establish your website. Hostinger offers the minimum cost, and minimum visits for your site however on a GoDaddy, you’ll receive a more expensive price with more distinct visitors. The renewal cost is minimal in Hostinger.

3. Uptime:


In GoDaddy, the time to uptime is always excellent and the response time is also excellent. The average uptime is 100% and the average reaction time of 286ms. Each week, I check the uptime of GoDaddy and it always gives more results.


Hostinger’s average downtime is lower than GoDaddy’s. The average time to uptime is 99.94 percent and the average reaction time of 396ms. Hostinger is also monitored weekly. I track the response and uptime. In terms of uptime, Godaddy is more reliable than Hostinger.

4. Features:


Control panel that is easy to use.

One-click installation of more than 150 apps for free

Worldwide data centers.

24/7 security for your network.

1-click setup of domain names

Unmetered bandwidth

Processing power is increased

Free domain

Free SSL certificate

Free tools for developers and designers

33 percent faster server response time


Free Migration

Free Email

30-day money-back guarantee

24/7/365 customer support

99.9% uptime guarantee

Free SSL certificate

One-click WordPress installation

Unlimited bandwidth

Daily backups and weekly backups are accessible.

Unlimited databases.

5. Customer Support:


In Godaddy, the support for customers is available 24 hours a day, and they offer chat and Whatsapp as well. Godaddy is a top web hosting company and their customer support is also of high quality.


Hostinger provides 24 hours a day customer service and an exceptional support team to answer calls from customers. Additionally, customer support is great from Hostinger and GoDaddy.


In the article above we have discussed the differences between GoDaddy and Hostinger. Now you are able to determine which one is best for you. 

In my opinion, Hostinger is best for shared hosting and domain wise GoDaddy is the best. For more details, visit our website and for questions, type in the comments box.

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