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Top 5 shared hosting providers in 2022 | Easy to use Bluehost VPS Hosting Review 2022 | It’s good to you?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About Cloudways

    Cloudways is the most popular managed cloud hosting provider with high-level managed security. In the hosting industry, they have provided outstanding performance for customers. They provide cloud services like digitalocean, Linode, vultr, aws and Google Cloud. Moreover, their customer service is excellent with 24/7/365.


Cloudways Hosting Plans

   Cloudways has five types of plans, namely,


     Managed digitalOcean hosting is most familiar with cloud hosting providers. It is easy to handle for developers with one-click installer. In addition, they are more reliable with a 99.9% uptime guarantee with automated backups. The DigitalOcean offers at $10/month.


    Managed Linode hosting is the virtual private server where you can store multiple resources in a single server. It is highly recommended for beginners to drive more traffic for their site with easy storage of resources. There is an exciting offer for linode and the price starts at $12/month.


   Cloudways hosting provides Managed vultr hosting with virtual cloud hosting provider with high-performance Intel cores. In Vultr, they provide a good memory and CPU performance. The vultr has worldwide data centres, and the package plan is cheap and affordable. It is best for beginners, bloggers and ecommerce stores; they can get very high traffic for their sites to rank on Google . Vultr starts at $11/month.


  Cloudways hosting has provides managed aws hosting. Aws is the amazon web service, and it is the best web service, provider. In recent years they have been providing high-level performance. Ecommerce websites, drop shipping for many purposes they using aws. It is more suitable for online stores; they can easy to set up this service. Aws starting price is $36.51/month.

Google Cloud

    Cloudways hosting has provides managed google cloud hosting. Google cloud is used to store multiple resources with high-level security. It is suitable for beginners, bloggers, online businesses and so on. The package plans are affordable with more features. They have the best content delivery network and worldwide data centres. Google Cloud starting price is $33.18/month. 

WordPress Hosting

   In WordPress hosting, you can save your time and build a website with easy drag and drop. By the way, cloudways provides one step ahead in WordPress; its Managed WordPress hosting. It is more flexible and reliable; the updation process takes place automatically for free of cost. Its starts at $10/month, which is cheap and more advantageous for your site. 

Dedicated server

  The dedicated server is a server which means you can operate under full-control . It can change your requirements of your own. The advantage in cloudways, it is a managed dedicated server which means the updation process, maintenance takes place automatically. It is more popular in recent years, and requirements like bandwidth, CPU, storage, and Processor can be changeable. It starts from minimal price based on your requirements.

Test of Cloudways Hosting

     Before reviewing Cloudways, I spent few months for analysing its loading times, customer support, reliability, and so on. Once I examined and thought of writing article, I conduct a test of cloudways hosting for every two weeks, I am glad to share my cloudways results with you. Their performance, uptime and processor speed are remarkable.

Monitor your Servers

    In cloudways, you can monitor your server performance easily, which is more flexible for beginners with great vision towards your site. 

Moreover, you can able to view the bot traffic, URL requests and status codes.

Core Processor

   Core processor plays a major role in running a website with excellent page loading times. In that way, it uses different core processors for each and every plan, where RAM is changeable.

Cache Plugins

   Cache plugin enables your website performance by reducing the loading time in seconds, which makes your audience more comfortable with your site reliablity.

Cloudways Servers

 Cloudways Servers will be more efficient for your site to be visible worldwide with their 60+ global data centers.

Free Trial

   It offers a 3-day trial plan. Start your website with cloudways, easily with a trial plan. It gives you more reliablity for setting up a website.

Load Speeds

I reviewed the load speed with great performance grade and page loading times.

Free migration

    Migration is a process by which you can transfer your website from one hosting to another hosting. Cloudways offer free migration for the first time, then second time onwards they charge affordable price.

Cloudways Features

Hosting Features
  • Provides unlimited applications
  • Multiple databases are available
  • Different types of platforms
  • PHP 7.3 Ready Servers
  • 24/7 real-monitoring
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Automated Backups with Dedicated firewall
  • HTTP/2 Enabled servers are used
  • Auto Healing is available
  • Free CDN Add-ons

Cloudways Support

Their support team works 24/7/365; it is an extraordinary live chat guidance for each and every platform by their highly trained technical teams for support. They offer three convenient levels of support, and my suggestion is that you can go with standard support; its free to start.


   Customer reviews are excellent, and in most reviews, many of them mention about their easy drag & drop features and my review on using Cloudways is their excellent technical support team.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Fully-managed hosting
  3. A free trial is available.
  4. The price is affordable.
  5. 24/7/365 service was applicable.


  1. Limited trial plan.
  2. Shared hosting is not applicable.

Bottom Line:

  In the above article, I reviewed the performance, hosting plans, core processor and so on. Now, its your turn to choose the right one for your business and easily grow your site worldwide.

Frequenctly Asked Questions:

what is cloudways?

It is a fully managed cloud hosting provider with WordPress hosting, Magento hosting, WooCommerce hosting, PHP hosting, Joomla hosting and Ecommerce hosting. It is most popular in the hosting industry.

Is cloudways worth it

Ofcourse, its worth it. Their managed hosting guarantees unmatched performance, reliability and choice with 24/7 support that acts as your extended team, making Cloudways an ultimate choice for growing agencies and ecommerce businesses.

Can I change from digital ocean to vultre on cloudways

It is not possible, but there is an alternative way. First, you need to migrate your site to a vultr server and then delete your digital ocean server.

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