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Top 5 shared hosting providers in 2022 | Easy to use Bluehost VPS Hosting Review 2022 | It’s good to you?


Matt Heaton founded Bluehost in 2003 before IT services were offered to smaller businesses. In the upcoming years, Bluehost will continue providing web hosting services. Orem, Utah and the USA are the main headquarters.

Bluehost offers a quality feature plan that includes free high-speed CDN and server-level caching. It also provides automatic WordPress security updates, free SSL certificates, and unique domain names for its clients.

Bluehost servers host 2 million domains making it easy to manage security, backups daily, high traffic, website builders, and email accounts. Bluehost has Awe-Inspiring Datacenters for every package plan. Any issues don’t come in the Bluehost data centre, as there is a 24/7 fantasy technical support team. Bluehost, which has visible content for the entire world web, is an excellent solution to site traffic on search engine result pages. Bluehost offers various hosting options, including VPS hosting and shared hosting. It also hosts WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting.

According to some positive news I heard, Bluehost customer service still provides value and trust within ten seconds of contacting clients. Plans also offer great features such as unlimited database, bandwidth, and SSD storage space.

Shared Hosting

Bluehost offers four shared hosting plans that will help you grow your business. This shared hosting plan is ideal for beginners to develop a website with high traffic. It shares multiple servers. The CDN plays a significant role in making content available to the world via the internet. The prices for shared hosting plans are more affordable than other companies.

Bluehost offers enormous discounts on all plans and has exceptional security features. The basic, plus, choice and pro plans include the same tools. The basic plan includes one website and 50GB of SSD storage. All other plans include unlimited websites with unlimited storage. Finally, shared hosting allows you to launch any new technologies added to your plans.


The Basic plan starts at $2.75/mo and includes one website, 50GB SSD storage, SSL certificate, domain, and CDN.

The Plus plan starts at $4.95/month and includes unlimited websites, SSD storage, SSL certificate, domain names, CDN, SSL certificate, SSL certificate, and Office.

choice package starts at $5.45/mo and includes unlimited websites as well as SSD Storage, SSL Certificate, Domain Name, CDN, Office, and automated backup.

The A-Pro plan starts from $13.95/mo and includes unlimited websites, SSD storage, SSL certificate, Optimized CPU Resources, domain name CDN, Office, and automated backup.


  • It is easy to use the free word press website building tool.
  • Every plan also includes AI-Driven Templates and WordPress integration.
  • You can migrate for free.
  • It automatically installs the most recent version of WordPress.
  • Swoon 30 days money-back guarantee.

VPS Hosting

 I can develop my own business online, but I want the big server to store information? Yes, it’s correct for your tremendous business growth the product services and targets your clients. Similarly, the virtual private server is more flexible and controlled to build your expertise’s exact website. However, it collects personal data for VPS users. Then it stores data in private servers; they are multiple servers that can access and use automatic daily backups. The Bluehost VPS plans are StandardEnhanced, and Ultimate includes unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, security features with a powerful control panel.

Despite that, Bluehost SSD(solid-state drives) has high performance for the site; it is easy to use the VPS dashboard when the standard plan can compare to enhanced plan wee bit extra SSD storage space, RAMs. Finally, in the same manner, the ultimate plan has changed in cores and spaces.


The Standard Plans Start at $18.99/mo. They include two cores and 30GB SSD Storage.

The Enhanced plans starting at $29.99/mo include two cores and 60GB SSD storage.

The Ultimate plans start from $59.99/mo. They include four cores and 120GB SSD Storage.


  • Multi-server management can be accessed from one account
  • You can use unlimited file transfer protocol (FTP) on your virtual server.
  • Each site is flexible and can be controlled.
  • VPS uses an SATA hard drive.
  • Excellent customer support 24/7/365 days.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is the best choice for clients sites. It has predefined templates, themes and drag and drop in the website. The client has easy access to the designs they are looking for on their blogs, websites, or online shops. Bluehost WordPress plans come at very affordable prices, including basic, plus, or choice plus.

Similar to the other sites, WordPress has high traffic volume, high-performance speed, free website builders, and advanced security protection services.

Bluehost WordPress offers automatic security updates for WordPress, high-speed CDN and automated backups. They also offer free office 365.

Clients from small businesses are asking “I want a quality WordPress site with no security upgrade and free SEO” Let’s say Bluehost WordPress is the best choice for plugins, SEO tools, and headline analyzers.


Basic plan starts at $2.75/mo for one website, 50GB SSD storage, free domain name and free SSL certificate

Plus plan starts at $4.95/mo unlimited sites, unlimited SSD storage, free domain name and free SSL Certificate

Choice Plus plan starts at $5.45/mo unlimited sites, unlimited SSD storage, free domain name and SSL Certificate, and free backup.


  • It will automatically install the secure version of WordPress and allow you to upgrade.
  • Password protection can be secured by every user.
  • New version plugins are available for the WordPress site.
  • Woocommerce allows you to create an online store
  • Managed WordPress growth Scalability is key to your success.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server provides significant storage space, high speed, and high traffic, as well as maintaining servers’ information. VPS servers and Shared servers share resources on dedicated servers which are highly secure. Bluehost has its own data centres maintaining multiserver; another “Good News” is that Bluehost’s technical team members work 24/7 to solve any server issues.

Bluehost boasts stunning CPU cores, server-level caching, threads and Raid-level storage. It also offers dedicated IPs and a powerful control panel for server users. Bluehost offers three dedicated server plans that include unlimited storage, unlimited website speed, and automatic upgrades to new software versions.


The standard plan starts from $79.99/mo and includes 4 CPU cores. It also includes 500GB storage, 4GB RAM, and 5TB network bandwidth.

The enhanced plan costs $99.99/mo and includes 4 CPU cores as well as 8 GB CPU, 1000GB storage, and 10TB network bandwidth.

The premium plan starts at $119.99/mo and includes 4 CPU cores. It also includes 16GB RAM, 1000GB storage, and 15TB Network Bandwidth.


  • Every plan comes with high-quality storage space
  • SSL certificates protect personal information.
  • Each server is built to order using the most recent technology.
  • High-speed service and 24-hour customer support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Woocommerce Hosting

Woocommerce allows you to sell products online and help grow your business strategy for a specific target audience. Bluehost offers two types of plans: standard and premium. Bluehost adds new technology features to each plan that includes WordPress installed on-site. If you have the package plan, the design pattern and template themes are already included. Bluehost provides a free SEO tool that will rank your site on the internet.

The standard plan starts at $12.95/mo and includes unlimited products, email marketing, discount code, CodeGuard Backup, free office 365, and a free online shop.

The premium plan starts at $24.95/mo and includes an unlimited online store, email marketing, discounts, product customization, CodeGuard backup, and a free office 365.


  • Optimize your site for maximum speed and efficiency
  • Protect your online store with encrypted transactions
  • Site monitoring and statistics to increase sales
  • Protection for domain names + privacy
  • Ecommerce plugins are available for free.


I also spent extra time testing Bluehost’s speed, performance, ranking page and uptime speeds. This score is fantastic for Bluehost’s testing site. It helps you grow large businesses with high traffic speeds.

Clients are impressed by the loading times of seconds. The page size and the requests can also make a difference.

GTmetric is a tool I use to test sites for overall performance. Below the image, you will see the speed and percentage.

Server Response time

Bitchacha is a popular tool for testing; I spend some time looking through it and testing mainly for server response time.

If you have any doubts about the test tool? It is the right place to get an answer; some testing tool result is a terrible impression which does not work. The bitchacha only make use of SRT testing purposes for a different location.

Bluehost com provided excellent service to different countries, allowing them to access sites within seconds.

Website Builder

BlueHost’s website builder is easy to use for clients. It allows them to manage their entire website from one place easily. The website builder can also create a website in WordPress at a specific time. However, it will customize all maintenance and tools. A custom builder can create a website automatically without knowing any programming or work. The website builder is based on WordPress. You get an entirely custom interface to create a website and manage content writing.

Professional Services

Bluehost Professional Service helps you to grow a marketing strategy for your site. It then selects the right countries and audiences for your website. Bluehost also improves your website’s SEO, pay-per-click services, and web migration. The professional service I use for VPS hosting is great and solves all my SEO issues within seconds.

Customer Support

Many people work 24/7 and 365 days a year to resolve customer issues. One example: I had some issues with my VPS hosting one week prior. I called a support team via phone. Bluehost’s William barker attends the call and helps to solve the problem immediately. Bluehost provides excellent customer service via email, chat, and phone support.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Can we use Bluehost without WordPress?

    There are shared hosting plans that make it easy to build a website in no time. Bluehost plans are affordable and provide free CDN. It shares the contents with the rest of the world.

How about the speed of BlueHost?

  Bluehost speeds are impressive in Google Search Engine; over 200 people can visit Bluehost per day.

How fast will your website load with Bluehost?

 Bluehost offers Own VPS hosting. According to Google search engine, my website loads in a mere 2-5 seconds.

Can Bluehost handle high traffic?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides high traffic to the site via server location. Each plan comes with unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth.

Is Bluehost a good host?

The VPS hosting plan has been used for nearly three years. It is fast, but it loses pages. These plugins are useful for ranking on Google’s page.

Can I build my website on Bluehost?

Each plan is a WordPress option. It helps you design templates, plugins and SEO tools for your site.

Is BlueHost the best hosting site for a small business startup?

BlueHost is the best place for small businesses startups. Its hosting plans have a low price for your expertise. Furthermore, all small business clients are using shared hosting plans.

How can we create a cPanel account in Bluehost?

First login to WHM. Next, click the account function. Complete the detail. Select the package section. Click the complete DNS system. Finally, click the mail routing settings button. It is possible to click it to create a cPanel Bluehost account.

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